What is new in Ring 1.20

In this chapter we will learn about the changes and new features in Ring 1.20 release.

List of changes and new features

Ring 1.20 comes with the next features!

  • Try Ring Online (WebAssembly)

  • Better Samples and Applications

  • Better Functions

  • Enable/Disable Hash Comments

  • Better Files for Loading the StdLib

  • Better Performance when using Braces

  • Better Support for Threads

  • RingRogueUtil Extension

  • Pause/Resume Embedded Ring VM

  • Better Scripts for Building Ring

  • Improving Ring Compiler/VM Source Code

  • Better Tools and Extensions

  • Better Documentation

  • More Improvements

Try Ring Online (WebAssembly)

Using Ring we developed an application to try Ring online using RingQt for WebAssembly

Try Ring Online

Better Samples and Applications

Calculus Conics
  • Added: samples/UsingGemini

  • Added: samples/General/NeuralNetwork

  • Added: samples/Drawing/CalculusConics

  • Added: samples/UsingQt/PDF/CreatePDF.ring

  • Added: samples/AQuickStart/GameLib/delay.ring

  • Added: samples/UsingFastPro/updatelist5.ring

  • Added: samples/UsingFastPro/DestCol.ring

  • Updated: samples/UsingRayLib/more/ex5_wavingcubes_threads.ring - Better code

  • Updated: samples/AQuickStart/Files - Using CurrentDir() and EXEFolder() functions

  • Updated: samples/AQuickStart/GUILib/gui25.ring - Using relative path

  • Updated: samples/UsingLibUI/test8.ring - Better code

  • Calculator application - Using sqlitelib.ring and stdlibcore.ring

  • Customers application - Better digital_clock.ring code

  • Calendar application - Better controls size

  • Words game - Better window size

  • SnakesAndLadders game - Better window title

  • WiseQuadrat game - Better code to display the winner

  • Memory game - Reduce delay time from 3 seconds to 1 second

  • ring/applications - Added the window icon for many applications and games

  • ring/applications - Using list() instead of newlist() in many applications

  • ring/applications - Using stdlibcore.ring instead of stdlib.ring in many applications

  • ring/applications - Using lightguilib.ring instead of guilib.ring in many applications

  • ring/applications - Using openWindow() instead of open_window() in Controller classes

Better Functions

  • isWindows64() function - Better Code

  • print() function - Better code to handle apostrophe inside text

  • random() function - Produce numeric output when the parameter is a negative number or zero

  • reverse() function - Beside supporting lists, the function now support strings too

  • add() function - when adding a list support adding each item alone

  • list2str() function - Support more parameters: list2str(aList,[nStart],[nEnd])

  • isDigit(), isAlpha(), isAlnum(), etc. will return False if the input is an empty string

  • number() function - Produce runtime error if the string contains invalid number

  • input() function - If the size is not passed as parameter it will read a line

  • locals() function - Usage in global scope will not return predefined globals like NL, True, etc.

  • swap() function - Support swaping any two Lists/Objects

  • filename() function - Better implementation

  • sleep() function (from stdlibcore.ring) - Better implementation

  • ring_state_mainfile() function - Support Ring Object Files

  • updateList() function (from fastpro.ring) - support dest. column as six parameter

Example (1):

cStr = "Welcome to Ring"
? reverse(cStr)                 # gniR ot emocleW

Example (2):

aList = 1:3
add(aList,4:6)                  # Add the list as one item
? len(aList)                    # 4

aList = 1:3
add(aList,4:6,True)             # Add each item alone
? len(aList)                    # 6
? aList

Example (3):

aList = 1:10
cStr  = list2str(aList,6,10)
? cStr                          # 6 7 8 9 10

Example (4):

aList1 = 4:6
aList2 = 1:3
? aList1                        # 1 2 3
? aList2                        # 4 5 6

aList = [ 4:6 , 1:3 ]
? aList                         # 4 5 6 1 2 3
swap(aList[1], aList[2])
? aList                         # 1 2 3 4 5 6

aList = [ 4:6 , 1:3 ]
? aList                         # 4 5 6 1 2 3
? aList                         # 1 2 3 4 5 6

Example (6):

load "fastpro.ring"

aList = [


? aList         # 10 20 100 30 40 300 50 60 500

Enable/Disable Hash Comments

We added the next two commands to the Ring Scanner

  • EnableHashComments

  • DisableHashComments


#define = 10
# Just a comment
? #define
# End of program

Better Files for Loading the StdLib

Using stdlib.ring will load stdlib functions, classes and some extensions too like RingLibCurl, RingOpenSSL, etc.

Using stdlibcore.ring we can only load stdlib functions.

In this release we provide stdlibclasses.ring that can only load stdlib classes without loading stdlib functions or extensions.


load "stdlibclasses.ring"

oStack = new Stack {




Also, we improved the files that load the library to load it in separate global scope.


To load a library in separate global scope use the Load Package command.

Better Performance when using Braces

Using braces to access objects is faster in Ring 1.20 than Ring 1.19

The performance gain could be from 120% to 160%

Tested using Victus Laptop [13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-13700H, Windows 11]

Using normal functions or using the dot operator still faster than using braces, but this update is a step forward towards reducing the gap.


oPoint = new Point

t1 = clock()
for t=1 to 100000
        oPoint {
                # Access object attributes|methods
? (clock()-t1)/clocksPerSecond()

class point x y z
  • Time using Ring 1.20: 0.05 second

  • Time using Ring 1.19: 0.13 second

  • Time using Ring 1.18: 0.38 second


We have written this example in this slow way to do the test

A very fast version of the sample will could be written by using braces before the loop

oPoint = new Point

t1 = clock()
oPoint {
        for t=1 to 100000
                # Access object attributes|methods
? (clock()-t1)/clocksPerSecond()

class point x y z

Better Support for Threads

  • Better code inside Ring VM for starting new threads

  • Better code for sharing the Memory Pool information between threads

  • Each thread have it’s copy from predefined globals like NL, True, etc.

  • Share multiple global scopes created using the Load Package command

  • Ring lists that wraps C pointers will not use internal dynamic cache

  • Ring lists created using List() will not use internal dynamic cache if size is not changed

  • RingThreads - Better code for creating the Mutex


Ring Lists that avoid internal dynamic cache provide safe reading from many threads because accessing lists for reading will not include implicit writing to the internal cache.

RingRogueUtil Extension

Using this extension we can create text-based user interfaces (TUI) and console-based games

The extension support Windows, Linux and macOS

Also, we added support for Mouse events (Mouse move, Click, and Scroll)


load "rogueutil.ring"

setConsoleTitle("Using PrintXY()")



printXY(10,2,'In Mathematics, we call multiplying a number by itself "squaring" the number.')

for t=1 to 12
        printXY(10,10+t, "Number: " + t + " x " + t + " = " + (t*t) )

Using RogueUtil Shot1 Using RogueUtil Shot2

Pause/Resume Embedded Ring VM

Ring already supports embedding Ring VM in Ring programs to be able to execute Ring code in isloated Ring state.

Starting from Ring 1.20 we can pause/resume the embedded Ring VM

To pause the VM, just use the (Bye) command which as expected will end the execution but will store the nPC value (Program Counter) so using ring_state_resume() we can continue the execution at any time starting from this nPC value.



To learn more about this feature check the chapter: Embedding Ring in Ring

Better Tools and Extensions

  • Ring Notepad - Full Screen Mode - Added support for opening Find/GoTo/SetTabWidth windows

  • Ring Notepad - Activate source code window after the end of Full Screen mode

  • Ring Notepad - Select the Font Family based on the operating system

  • Ring Notepad - Using Load command will list the common libraries

Ring Notepad in Full Screen Mode
  • RingQt - Added: QComponent class (Qt3DCore)

  • RingQt - Correct parent class name for the QMaterial & QLogicAspect classes

  • Ring2EXE - Set the stack size for executable files

  • Ring extension for VSCode is updated to support modern versions of VSCode


Better Scripts for Building Ring

  • Scripts for building Ring Compiler/VM are moved to ring/language/build folder

  • Scripts for building Ring, Extensions and Tools are moved to ring/build folder

  • Files that install dependencies on Linux/macOS are moved to ring/build folder

  • Added: libqt5multimedia5-plugins to ring/build/installdepubuntu.sh

  • Added: ring/language/build/buildzig.bat

  • Added: ring/build/buildgcc.sh

  • Added: ring/build/buildclang.sh

Improving Ring Compiler/VM Source Code

  • Better Format

  • Using constants

  • Use Bit Fields in structures

  • Structures Members - Better names

  • Structures Members - Better order

  • Functions Parameters - Better names

  • language/src/os_e.c - randomize() - Better code

  • language/src/expr.c - ring_parser_ppmm() - Better code

  • language/src/rstring.c - ring_string_set2_gc() - Better code

  • language/src/vmlists.c - ring_vm_listpushv() - Avoid stack pop

  • language/src/vmfuncs.c - ring_vm_isstackpointertoobjstate() - Using simple condition

Better Documentation

The next chapters are revised and improved

  • Operators

  • Embedding Ring in Ring

  • Building From Source Code

  • Language Specification (Ring VM instructions)

More Improvements

  • Ring VM - Avoid infinite for loops when the step value is zero

  • Ring VM - Remove old code related to lAddSubListsByMove and lAddSubListsByFastCopy in VM structure

  • Ring VM - Return command - Better code when we return an object passed to the function as parameter

  • Ring VM - Return command - Better code when we return class attribute by reference

  • Ring VM - Better support for try/catch and different operators

  • Ring VM - Better support for try/catch when creating new object and the parent class doesn’t exist

  • Ring VM - When we compare between a string and a number take in mind if the string contains extra characters

  • Ring VM - Treat lists that wrap C pointers as FALSE if the C pointer value is NULL

  • Ring VM - Loop N command inside For-In loop will execute implicit Exit N-1 command then Loop

  • Ring VM - Better format when displaying error messages

  • Ring VM - Correct file name in the error message when the error happens at function arguments

  • Ring VM - Temp. lists created using the Range operator will be added to the temp. memory