What is new in Ring 1.19

In this chapter we will learn about the changes and new features in Ring 1.19 release.

List of changes and new features

Ring 1.19 comes with the next features!

  • Image Pixel application

  • Hours Counter application

  • Planetary Orbits application

  • Listen to Quran application

  • More Samples

  • Ring for Windows 64bit

  • Better batch files for building Ring

  • For Loop - Better Performance

  • Calling Functions - Better Performance

  • Using Objects During Definition

  • Nothing() function

  • OptionalFunc() function

  • ParentClassName() function

  • FastPro Extension

  • Better TypeHints

  • Better RingRayLib

  • Better RingStbImage

  • Better Extensions Generator

  • Better Documentation

  • More Improvements

Image Pixel application

An example about processing an image pixels.


Hours Counter application

This is a simple calculator for teaching hours


Planetary Orbits application

An example about drawing and using the Matrix library


Listen to Quran application

Arabic application that can be used to listen to Quran.

We can install and run the application using the Ring Package Manager (RingPM).

ringpm install listentoquran
ringpm run listentoquran

More Samples

  • Added: samples/UsingFastPro

  • Added: samples/Language/Constants

  • Added: samples/UsingTypeHints/test6.ring

  • Added: samples/UsingQt/CustomDragAndDrop/customdraganddrop.ring

  • Added: samples/UsingQt/PrintPreview/simplereport.ring

  • Added: samples/UsingArabic/ArabicInCommandPrompt/DisplayArabic.ring

  • Added: samples/UsingMatrixLib/59-Matrix-Transform-Draw-Rotation.ring

  • Added: samples/UsingRayLib/more/ex5_wavingcubes_withoutthreads.ring

  • Added: samples/Language/OptionalFunc/Question.ring

  • Added: samples/Language/OptionalFunc/Answer.ring

  • Added: samples/General/Performance/emptyloop.ring

  • Added: samples/General/Performance/print.ring

  • Added: samples/General/Performance/math.ring

  • Added: samples/General/Performance/createlists.ring

  • Added: samples/General/Performance/len.ring

  • Added: samples/General/Performance/methods.ring

  • Added: samples/General/Performance/manylistitems.ring

  • Added: samples/General/Performance/search.ring


Ring for Windows 64bit

Starting from Ring 1.19 we provide 64bit version of Ring for Windows.

This provide access to more memory. Also, most of our tests indicates an increase of performance from 15% to 25%

This increase of performance is measured when we compare Ring 1.19 (32bit) and Ring 1.19 (64bit)

This is different from comparing Ring 1.19 (32bit) and Ring 1.18 (32bit) to see how much the new release is faster

Better batch files for building Ring

Using ring/buildvc.bat and ring/buildvc_x64.bat we can build everything (Ring Compiler/VM, Extensions, Tools, etc.) for Windows 32bit or 64bit

Ring comes with all of the dependencies except Qt

These batch files assume that we have Qt 5.15.16 (We can change the used Qt 5.15 version using the environment variables).

For Loop - Better Performance

The For Loop in Ring 1.19 is three times (3x) faster than Ring 1.18.

Tested using Victus Laptop [13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-13700H, Windows 11]


t1= clock()
for t=1 to 100_000_000 next
t2 = clock()
? (t2-t1)/clockspersecond()

Time using Ring 1.18 (32bit) : 3.78 seconds

Time using Ring 1.19 (32bit) : 1.31 seconds

Time using Ring 1.19 (64bit) : 1.12 seconds

Calling Functions - Better Performance

Calling functions written in Ring code in Ring 1.19 is three times (3x) faster than Ring 1.18.

While calling functions written in C code in Ring 1.19 is four times (4x) faster than Ring 1.18.


for t=1 to 1_000_000
        result = max(t,t*2)
? result
t2 = clock()
? (t2-t1)/clockspersecond()

Time using Ring 1.18 (32bit) : 1.45 seconds

Time using Ring 1.19 (32bit) : 0.32 seconds

Time using Ring 1.19 (64bit) : 0.25 seconds

These improvements let the Stars animation sample works at 2350 FPS in Ring 1.19 instead of 500FPS in Ring 1.18


Using Objects During Definition

This release provides better support for using objects during definition where we can mix between this feature and other features like operator overloading without missing the output


  • The new point object will be stored directly in myVar during definition

  • We can pass myVar as parameter to the print() method

  • Using + 1 will call the operator() method

  • The operator() method output will be stored in myVar

This means that the Assignment operation is executed TWO TIMES!

The first Assignment is executed to support (Using objects during definition) where myVar is an object contains the new point while in the second time, the Assignment is executed to support storing the Operator Overloading output.


RingQt samples uses this feature to quickly pass the parent window object to the other widgets.

Nothing() function

This function does nothing and can accept any number/type of parameters. The output will be Zero.

Some of the Use Cases

  1. Performance measurements, where we can test the performance of calling functions written in C and we can change the number of parameters during tests.

  2. In places of code that you want to write a function name, and it’s not defined yet.

  3. To disable some feature/code by just changing the function name to nothing without changing the parameters or commenting the code.

  4. In small programs, where you want to write a function that you can override from a Test program.

OptionalFunc() function

Using this function we can define functions similar to Nothing() but with a different name.




File: Question.ring


? "I love Programming, What about you?"
? "Ok, Thanks!"


I love Programming, What about you?
Ok, Thanks!

File: Answer.ring

load "Question.ring"

func reply
        ? "Me too!"


I love Programming, What about you?
Me too!
Ok, Thanks!

ParentClassName() Function

We can know the parent class name of an object using the parentclassname() function


parentclassname(object) --> Returns the parent class name of the object class


new Child  { test() }
class Parent

class Child from Parent
        func test
                ? "Parent: " + parentClassName(self)


Parent: parent

FastPro Extension

This new extension comes with the next functions

  • Bytes2List(cBytes,nWidth,nHeight,nChannels) —> aList // [[R,G,B],…]

  • List2Bytes(aList,nChannels) —> cBytes // “RGBA….”

  • updateList(aList,cCommand,cSelection,nPara1,[nPara2],[nPara3])

  • updateColumn(aList, [cCommand,nPara1,[nPara2],[nPara3]],…)

  • updateBytesColumn(cBytes, nColumns, nCount, nDiv, [cCommand,nPara1,nPara2,[nPara3]],…) —> cNewBytes

  • addBytesColumn(cBytes, nColumns, nCount) —> cNewBytes

Using the updateColumn() function we can update the list columns in one function call

We have a similar function called updateBytesColumn() that process bytes directly instead of using Bytes2List() and List2Bytes() functions.

Example from the ImagePixel application that convert the image to Gray


This also provides better performance compared to calling updateList() many times.


Better TypeHints

Added the next definitions:

  • Byte

  • Boolean

  • @override


load "typehints.ring"

o = new MyNewLib {
        ? isGreaterThanTwo(10)
        ? isGreaterThanTwo(1)

class MyLib {
        boolean func isGreaterThanTwo(int x) {
                if x > 2
                        return true
                        return false

class MyNewLib < MyLib {
        boolean func isGreaterThanTwo(int x) {
                ? "Using override"
                return x > 2


Using override
Using override

Better RingRayLib

The next functions are added to the RingRayLib extension

* vec2() --> Vector2
* vec2set(Vector2 vec,double x,double y)
* vec2getx() --> double
* vec2setx(double)
* vec2gety() --> double
* vec2sety(double)
* vec3() --> Vector3
* vec3set(Vector3 vec,double x,double y,double z)
* vec3getx() --> double
* vec3setx(double)
* vec3gety() --> double
* vec3sety(double)
* vec3getz() --> double
* vec3setz(double)
* vec4() --> Vector4
* vec4set(Vector4 vec,double x,double y,double z,double w)
* vec4getx() --> double
* vec4setx(double)
* vec4gety() --> double
* vec4sety(double)
* vec4getz() --> double
* vec4setz(double)
* vec4getw() --> double
* vec4setw(double)
* getcamera3dposx() --> double
* setcamera3dposx(double)
* getcamera3dposy() --> double
* setcamera3dposy(double)
* getcamera3dposz() --> double
* setcamera3dposz(double)
* getcamera3dtarx() --> double
* setcamera3dtarx(double)
* getcamera3dtary() --> double
* setcamera3dtary(double)
* getcamera3dtarz() --> double
* setcamera3dtarz(double)
* getcamera3dupx() --> double
* setcamera3dupx(double)
* getcamera3dupy() --> double
* setcamera3dupy(double)
* getcamera3dupz() --> double
* setcamera3dupz(double)
* getcamera3fovy() --> double
* setcamera3fovy(double)
* getcamera3type() --> double
* setcamera3type(double)

Better RingStbImage

The extension is improved to support the next features

  • Support UTF-8 file names on Windows

  • Added functions for writing images

int stbi_write_png(char const *filename, int w, int h, int comp, const void *data, int stride_in_bytes)
int stbi_write_bmp(char const *filename, int w, int h, int comp, const void *data)
int stbi_write_tga(char const *filename, int w, int h, int comp, const void *data)
int stbi_write_jpg(char const *filename, int w, int h, int comp, const void *data, int quality)
void stbi_flip_vertically_on_write(int flag)

Also, When using Strings that contains bytes, we supported updating a character using a numeric value which will be converted to (char) without the need to use the Ring char() function.

This provide better performance (3x faster, i.e. 300%) when generating images.

This feature could be used to update the images quickly while treating them as bytes without the need to convert them to Lists.


load "stbimage.ring"

width    = 640
height   = 480
channels = 3
cData    = space(width*height*channels)

? "Creating the image..."
t1 = clock()
for x=1 to height
        for y=1 to width
                cData[nIndex++] = x*x
                cData[nIndex++] = x*y
                cData[nIndex++] = x*2
t2 = clock()

# Write the image
? "Writing mynewimage.bmp"
stbi_write_bmp("mynewimage.bmp", width, height, channels, cData)
t3 = clock()

? "Time to create the image : " + ((t2-t1)/clockspersecond()) + " seconds"
? "Time to save the image   : " + ((t3-t2)/clockspersecond()) + " seconds"



Creating the image...
Writing mynewimage.bmp
Time to create the image : 0.12 seconds
Time to save the image   : 0.00 seconds

Screen Shot:


Better Extensions Generator

The code generator for C/C++ extensions is updated and support defining extra names for functions

Using the predefined list (aExtraFunctionName) we can define the extra names


To define vec2() as another name for raylib_new_managed_vector2()

aExtraFunctionName + ["vec2","raylib_new_managed_vector2"]
aExtraFunctionName + ["vec2setx","raylib_set_vector2_x"]
aExtraFunctionName + ["vec2sety","raylib_set_vector2_y"]

Better Documentation

The CHM file is updated to support search

We added a new chapter: Using FastPro Extension

Also, The next chapters are revised and improved

  • Introduction

  • Performance Tips

  • Syntax Flexibility

  • The Type Hints Library

  • Building From Source Code

  • Extension using C/C++ languages

  • Tutorial: Ring Extensions in C/C++

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

More Improvements

  • Ring Notepad - Close Button - Force closing the web browser

  • Ring Notepad - Projects Files - Larger width

  • FindInFiles application - Replace Button - Check line selection

  • WinStartupManager application - Use extensions that comes with Ring

  • AnalogClock application - Set the image width to be like the window width

  • AnalogClock application - Draw the Clock directly once the window appears

  • EightPuzzleGame3D game - Better Code

  • SpaceShooter game - Better Code to close the game using the main menu

  • Pong2 game - Using CloseAudioDevice()

  • SuperMan2016 game - Reset FPS, energy value and player speed

  • GoldMagic800 game - Reset FPS and player speed

  • Sokoban game - higher speed

  • TowersOfHanoi simulation - higher speed

  • samples/AQuickStart/ODBC - Better Code

  • samples/UsingOpenGL/LevelsOfCubes - Reset FPS

  • samples/UsingOpenGL - Set the window icon

  • samples/General/TimeServer - Replace RingThreads with GameLib

  • samples/UsingQt/ListWidget/listwidgetitemvalue.ring - Better Code

  • samples/UsingOpenGL/stars - Using al_exit() function

  • samples/Drawing - Many samples are revised to use the Quit() method

  • samples/UsingQt/PrintPreview/printpreivewdialog.ring - Better Code

  • extensions/tutorial - filterlist() updated to use ring_list_deleteitem_gc()

  • Better Qt3D samples - Use Quit() method when closing the application

  • Better RingPostgreSQL samples

  • Better RingMySQL sample - samples/AQuickStart/MySQL/mysql7.ring

  • Form Designer - Better behavior when displaying the MenuBar editor

  • StdLib - OSCopyFolder() - Better Implementation

  • StdLib - OSCopyFile() - Better Implementation

  • MatrixLib - Added: RowReduceEchelonForm() function

  • MatrixLib - Added: MatrixTransform() function

  • BigNumber - Better code for the power function

  • ObjectsLib - Better Code when opening new windows

  • GameEngine - Support playing many sound files at the same time

  • RingQt - QPainter class - Added: drawRGBFListAtXY(), drawHSVFListAtXY() & drawBytes()

  • RingQt - Qt version is updated to Qt 5.15.16

  • Number() function - Don’t produce an error when the input is already a number

  • String() function - Don’t produce an error when the input is already a string

  • Low Level Functions - ringvm_calllist() - Better Output

  • Ring2EXE - Better Output

  • Batch Files - locatevc.bat - Support working from the “C:/Program Files (x86)” folder

  • Ring API - Added: RING_API_STATE to get a pointer to Ring State

  • Ring API - Added: RING_API_NEWLISTUSINGBLOCKS1D(int nItems) –> List

  • Ring API - Added: RING_API_NEWLISTUSINGBLOCKS2D(int nRows,int nColumns) –> List

  • Ring Compiler - Remove unnecessary ICO_FREESTACK after For-Loops

  • Ring Compiler - When we run ringsyntax.ring don’t load the same file again

  • Ring Compiler - Support using braces { } after (expr)

  • Ring Compiler/VM - Better performance when using (for-in) loops and large strings

  • Ring Compiler/VM - Revise (Using objects during definition) implementation

  • Ring Compiler/VM - Check the path limit (4096 characters) before execution

  • Ring Compiler/VM - Items structure functions - Better Performance

  • Ring Compiler/VM - HashTable - Better default parameters

  • Ring VM - For-Loop will produce a runtime error if used with wrong data-type

  • Ring VM - Function Call - Replace some Ring lists with C Structures

  • Ring VM - Use ICO_LOADFUNCP when loading C functions

  • Ring VM - Memory Pool - Three levels based on the allocation size

  • Ring VM - Memory Pool - Allocate 1,000,000 items at startup for level 1

  • Ring VM - Byte Code - Added: Flag Register

  • Ring VM - Byte Code - Added: Integer Register

  • Ring VM - Use ring_list_genarray() with global scope variables When using threads

  • Ring VM - Remove aAddressScope from VM structure

  • Ring VM - New instructions (ICO_PUSH2N, ICO_PUSH3N & ICO_PUSH4N)

  • Ring VM - Byte Code items count is changed to 4

  • Ring VM - ICO_LOADFUNCP instruction support replacing C function with Ring function

  • Ring VM - Better performance when deleting a scope - Avoid: ring_vm_gc_checkreferences()

  • Ring VM - Better format when printing the byte code

  • Ring VM - Variables - Reduce the required memory to store a variable

  • Ring VM - Arguments - Reduce the required memory to pass a value

  • Ring VM - ring_state_calloc() - Use the memory pool if possible

  • Ring VM - Better implementation for using (Return This)

  • Ring VM - Support adding items to a list during assignment using plus operator

  • Ring VM - Don’t allow deleting the Super variable (Used to access the parent class methods)

  • Ring VM - Operator Overloading - Don’t produce an error when it’s not necessary