Using Other Code Editors

In the Ring/Tools/Editors folder you will find extensions for the next editors

  • Notepad++

  • Geany

  • Atom

  • Sublime Text 2

  • Visual Studio IDE

  • Emacs

  • Visual Studio Code (VSCode)

  • SpaceVim

Using Notepad++

Folder : ring/tools/editors/notepad_plus_plus

  • Open Notepad++

  • Open the “Language” menu

  • Select “Define your language…”

  • Click “Import…”

  • select Ring.xml

  • Select “OK” on the “Import successful” dialog and close the “User Defined Language” dialog/panel

  • You may need to restart notepad++

Using Notepad++

Using Geany

Folder : ring/tools/editors/geany

  • Run Geany editor

  • Click on “Tools -> configuration files -> filetypes_extensions.conf” menu

  • Add this line “Ring=*.ring;” without quotes after [Extensions]

  • In Ubuntu copy file “filetypes.Ring.conf” to folder “/home/USERNAME/filetypes.Ring.conf”

  • You can run your files by pressing F5 button

Using Geany

Using Atom

Folder : ring/tools/editors/atom

Just Copy the folder atom-language-ring to the next path

Using Atom

Using Sublime Text 2

Folder : ring/tools/editors/sublime text 2

In the folder Sublime_Text_2 you will find the next three files

1 - ring.json-tmlanguage

2 - ring.sublime-build

3 - ring.tmlanguage

Just Copy the files to the next path

"C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 2\Packages\User\"

The file ring.sublime-build includes the next line

"cmd": ["B:\\ring\\bin\\ring.exe","$file"],

You can modify it according to the ring.exe path in your machine

Using Sublime Text 2

Using Visual Studio IDE

Folder : ring/tools/editors/visualstudio

Check the ReadMe file for installation instructions.

Using Visual Studio

Using Emacs Editor

Folder : ring/tools/editors/emacs

Check the ReadMe file for installation instructions.

Screen Shot:

Ring mode for Emacs Editor

Visual Studio Code

Folder : ring/tools/editors/vscode

Check the ReadMe file for installation instructions.

Screen Shot:

Ring in Visual Studio Code



Screen Shot:

Ring in SpaceVim