Program Structure

In this chapter we will learn about using many source code files in the same project.

Source Code File Sections

Each source code file may contains the next sections (in the same order).

Source Code File Sections

Load Files

Statements and Global Variables


Packages and Classes

The application maybe one or more of files.

Using Many Source Code Files

To include another source file in the project, just use the load command.


Load  "filename.ring"


The Load command is executed directly by the compiler in the parsing stage


if you don’t know the file name until the runtime, or you need to use functions to get the file path, just use eval().


# File : Start.ring

Load "sub.ring"

# File : sub.ring

func sayhello cName
        see "Hello " + cName + nl

Load Package

Using the ‘load’ command we can use many ring source files in the same project

But all of these files will share the same global scope

We have also the “Load Package” command

Using “Load Package” we can load a library (*.ring file) in new global scope

This is very useful to create libraries that avoid conflicts in global variables


File: loadpackage.ring

x = 100
? "Hello, World!"
load package "testloadpackage.ring"

? x

File: testloadpackage.ring

? "Hello from testloadpackage.ring"

x = 1000


func test
        ? x


Hello, World!
Hello from testloadpackage.ring

Load Again

Ring 1.12 comes with the Load Again command

Using this command we can load the Ring source file which contains constants more than one time.

This is useful when using Ring source files for translations through global constants.


The next function is part from a project which support Arabic and English languages

The files english.ring and arabic.ring contains constants for translation

One of these files is loaded in the start of the program

Loading the same file again using the (Load) command is not possible

Because the (Load) command load the same source file only for the first time and ignore next times.

So we have to use the (Load Again) command.

Where we can use these files again during the runtime as in the next code

func setLang nLanguage
        if C_ENV_DEFAULT_LANG = nLanguage
        C_ENV_DEFAULT_LANG = nLanguage
        # Change the language
                switch nLanguage
                        on C_TRANSLATION_ENGLISH
                                load again "translation/english.ring"
                        on C_TRANSLATION_ARABIC
                                load again "translation/arabic.ring"